Celine Dion: Bell Centre Montreal August 1st 2016

celine dionIt was an honour and privilege to see this show. Celine’s mini tour of the summer of 2016 will be talked about for many years to come. I have to admit I was not thrilled when I first saw the setlist from Belgium and France, my setlist would have been quite different, so many of my favorite songs were missing, and many were rarer album tracks and songs she doesn’t often sing. I would have replaced 10 songs with others, but what I heard totally blew me away. I was excited to see a show of hers mostly in French, because let’s face it her French recordings with a few exceptions totally outclass her English repertoire in soul and artistry. Her Las Vegas show is all very “American” high gloss while this show had emotion, subtlety and class. Without singing a note Celine walked on stage, after reciting a snippet of the poem, “Trois Heure Vinght” behind a hidden screen to a 10 minute ovation. She could barely start the first song and new single “Encore un soir”. The song was written by her long time songwriter and collaborator Jean-Jacques Goldman. She asked him to write her one more song, this time about the passage of time as a tribute to Réne. She stood on stage for 2 hours, no wardrobe change, Celine wanted to spend as much time and sing as many songs she could for her fans. She could barely hold back the tears especially when she sang “Et je taime encore” the applauses stopped her right before the refrain for a good 5 minutes. Her orchestra with a full string section was breathtaking; this is what a real concert should sound like, no theatrics, just fabulous music, and an incredible vocalist, the real original definition of a “Diva”. She premiere a new song which was voted by the public to appear on her new album, written by unknown songwriter Daniel Picard, the song “À la plus haute branche” was stupendous; you could hear a pin drop. Even songs like « Tous les blues sont écrits pour toi » which is not a favorite of mine sounded better than the record and will make me revaluate them. “L’amour existe encore” and “Pour que tu m’aimes encore” was sung with maturité and beautiful vocal restraint. One of the cleverest moments of the night was her new version of “Naziland, ce soir on danse” from Luc Plamondon’s big rock opera Starmania. Céline had asked her producers to figure out a way to incorporate Réne’s favorite TV show and theme song “Law & Order” into a song, when she explained it I thought it was crazy but the result was fabulous. When I heard the first notes of “Dans un autre monde” I couldn’t help but get up and dance, but as I looked around the forum I could see I was only one of 5 in the stands standing up and boogieing, most preferred to sit as it was a ballad heavy list. One of the evenings highlights was the acoustic medley of “Apprends-moi / Tous les secrets / Ne bouge pas and Valse adieu”, Celine along with her back up singers and a few musician, did a type of campfire sing along which was as worthy as the full orchestra tracks, the ending with just her and the singers doing “Valse adieu” was incredible, it took me a few minutes to realize it was all accapella. I did get up again when she sang “Love Can Move Mountains” into “River Deep, Mountain High”. She obviously did the huge English hits “Because You Loved Me”, “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” which morphed into “The Power of Love”. I cried when she sang “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”, it reminded me of the last concert of hers I saw in 1996 with my then best friend Chris D. my friend has chosen to no longer be around and it just stirred up emotions. She covered “Purple Rain” and her new recorded version of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On”. As a unique twist to our night, she asked us for a favour at the encore. She had to record “My Heart Will Go On” for an American TV show and asked if we could be part of it. The show briefly stopped as she explained that there would be camera cue’s, she would talk to the American audience in English, then sing the song.  She asked us to light up the stadium with our cell phones, hoping that we had enough power left over; that along with glow sticks they were selling at the kiosque produced an incredible sight. The show ended with her love and peace pledge “S’il suffisait d’aimer”, she then sang an accapella snippet of “Vole” and faded into the background as the lights went down.

I really hope this concert is recorded and is set to appear on CD and DVD, not everybody got the chance to see it live, and some of us want to experience it again.

Merci Celine,


  1. Trois heures vingt (A cappella snippet)
  2. Encore un soir
  3. Je crois toi
  4. Qui peut vivre sans amour ?
  5. Immensité
  6. Et je t’aime encore
  7. Pour que tu m’aimes encore
  8. Terre
  9. À la plus haute branche
  10. Ordinaire (Robert Charlebois cover)
  11. Because You Loved Me
  12. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now / The Power of Love
  13. Le vol d’un ange
  14. L’amour existe encore
  15. Apprends-moi / Tous les secrets / Ne bouge pas / Valse adieu


  1. Tous les blues sont écrits pour toi
  2. Dans un autre monde
  3. Naziland, ce soir on danse
  4. Purple Rain (Prince cover)
  5. Love Can Move Mountains
  6. River Deep, Mountain High
  7. The Show Must Go On (Queen cover)


  1. My Heart Will Go On
  2. S’il suffisait d’aimer
  3. 25.Vole (A cappella snippet)

Celine et Moi

IMG_0012Celine Dion first captured my attention back in 1987. I was working in a department store in Laval on the north shore of Montreal Quebec. Celine and her mom could often be spotted shopping at the store, in those days, while being a Quebec celebrity she was wasn’t the huge paparazzi draw she is now, so it was common to spot her around town.

Celine’s album “Incognito” was stocked in the store’s music department and the record would play over the store’s speakers. It was the was the first record of Celine’s I bought and it would start a long love affair with her music and concerts. I knew she previously had a career in Quebec as a “young child” singer, I knew she sang that song “Une Colombe” for the Pope’s visit, but she was never really on my radar. “Incognito” was her first “adult” French album for Sony Records, only 8 songs long, normal for that time era but every song stood out, no filler in those days. One track that really got my attention was “Jour De Fievre”, it was different to the usual ballad type song she would sing, it had a type of gusto and grit in her voice with a dancy edge.

As fate would have it Celine was hired to advertise a commercial jingle for my workplace, does anybody remember “Montreal c’est ma ville mais Simpson c’est mon style”? To premiere the ad all of Simpson’s employees were invited to a special show at the Theatre St Denis in Montreal. I remember waiting in line to get in, while others just kind of sauntered in, I was the first to run up to the stage and got a seat in front row. She only sang 4 songs and premiered the new ad, but my jaw dropped at her voice. I was always cynical and under the impression that most artists got their voices fixed in the studio for their records, that nobody could sound that good but there she was just a few feet in front of me and she blew me away. I remember right after the show I went up to the stage, clutching her vinyl record I brought with me and asking the two guards if I could get an autograph. They oddly responded “Celine est dans sa douche”, “Celine is already in the shower”, so I left with no autograph but that would not be my last chance.

A few years later Celine premiered on English TV in Canada at the Juno’s singing “Have A Heart” an English translation of her song “Partout Je Te Vois” from her “Incognito” album, her performance was the talk of the show and this would launch her international English career.


In 1990 that song was featured on her first English album “Unison” but another song “Where Does My Heart Beat Now” would be the breakthrough. As a kid growing up I would spend my Sunday mornings listening to Casey Casem’s American Top 40, I wouldn’t leave the house till he got to #1. I knew how hard it was for a Canadian artist to have a top ten hit, let alone an unknown French Canadian. Despite loving “Where Does My Heart Beat Now” I never though she would succeed on her first try, but my jaw would drop again when the song cracked the top 40, then the top ten, all the way up to #4.

celine dion web

Not long after the album Unison was released, I was attending the international car show at the Montreal Olympic Stadium, I was supposed to meet up with some friends, they were late, I was bored but I always had my camera with me, an old SLR with film, no digital in those days. At one point I turned around and was shocked to see Celine at the Chrysler booth signing autographs, she was the spokesperson at the time but I had no idea she would be there. I knew I had to get a shot of her but I was so nervous, so I hesitated, at one point she got up to take a break and as she was walking out I got enough courage and asked if I could take her picture. I wasn’t sure the shot would come out, but to this day, while not being the sharpest picture I ever took it’s one of my favorites. She looks fabulous and glamourous, it’s not the most posed shot either, I snapped it pretty fast, not giving her much time to smile.

I did get her autograph and took another shot of her signing. I finally found my friends, I probably talked their heads off about seeing Celine and getting her picture, but none seemed as trilled as I was.

At this point I was transferred to work in Downtown Montreal for the Hudson’s Bay Department store. I worked as a greater, security guard at the front entrance. I remember one day this lady came up to me asking if I knew where the coat check was. She was wearing sunglasses and a kerchief was covering her hair but I thought there was something familiar about her, it wasn’t seconds later that a bunch of follow employees came up to me to ask what Celine wanted, it figures her biggest fan wouldn’t recognize her, it still makes me laugh to this day.


As her English career started soaring her French Recording career, would take a huge leap forward. Celine’s 1991 album “Dion Chante Plamondon” consisted of songs entirely written by well renowned French lyricist Luc Plamondon (Starmania). That album would make the French community around the world take notice and move her from just a pop singer to a serious interpreter of song. The album covered some of Plamondon’s most famous songs like “Les blues du businessman” and “Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)” a #2 hit in France, he also wrote 4 new songs for her including’ L’amour existe encore” which remains a huge favorite and considered one of his best.


Celine could have easily faded away as a one hit wonder in the USA, but as she was preparing her sophomore English album, Disney came to her with the opportunity of recording “Beauty & The Beast”. If you hadn’t heard of her before, there was no escaping the film and this song. The duet with Peabo Bryson climbed up to #9 on the Billboard charts and in 1993 won them a Grammy award for “Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal”

To launch the new album in Montreal, Celine would appear at another department store, this time Eaton’s for a signing session. I knew this was my chance, I had two 8 x 10 prints done of that fabulous picture I took of her at the car show. Along with my best friend, we waited in line. I not only got her to autograph that fabulous photo I took, but I gave her a copy, and this time I got my picture with Celine.

celine et moi2In April of 1993 Celine played 6 nights at the Montreal Forum, I saw her not once but twice. I already had a ticket for the 6th of April, but as I left work downtown on the opening night of her shows I passed by the concert forum. There were scalpers as usual selling tickets, I hate scalpers and as a rule I never buy from them, but it was 5 minutes to show time and they didn’t seem to be able to sell all their tickets, I got a ticket for under the value, I paid $25 for a $35 ticket and for once cheated the scalpers who sell for ridiculous high prices and in those days scalpers were actually breaking the law.


From this point there was no stopping Celine. Her next album “The Colour Of My Love” produced her first #1 Billboard Hot 100 Hit, “The Power Of Love”. The song was a cover but neither it’s originator Jennifer Rush (who had a #1 in the UK with the song) or others like Laura Branigan or Air Supply could make it in the States. On the 30th of March 1994 I saw one of her 6 concert nights at the Theatre Du Forum.

In French Celine would record the album that would become her opus and benchmark. Simply title D’Eux, a play on words meaning “Two”, “Them”, “About Them” or “From Them”. The album was mostly written by French singer songwriter Jean-Jacques Goldman, and went on to become the biggest selling albums in French history. It’s hard to explain the difference between Celine’s French and English repertoire, but most fans consider her French music of a higher art. Her English albums are usually written and produced with a huge committee of people while albums like D’Eux are more of a concept album, one or 2 people and tightly produced.


The music has less of a standard middle of the road, pop chart appeal, the big epic type ballad with the huge soaring voice in every song is not present. In French they seem to restrain her voice and use it where it is necessary in the song, the lyrics are pure poetry. Listing to it today songs like “Pour que tu m’aimes encore”, or my favorite “Destin” are not dated but remain classics. In 1998 Jean Jacques and Celine would repeat this feat with her next French album “S’il Suffisat D’aimer” meaning “If Loving Were Enough”, the title track along with others would become classics that she still sings today.


If D’Eux was her French opus, her next album “Falling Into You” would be her English one. The first single, the Diane Warren written tune “Because You Loved” was already #1 on the Billboard Charts. I remember buying the CD, coming home and again my jaw dropping again as I heard “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” from the first note of the song I was hooked with this fantastic Jim Steinman jem, it’s still my favorite English song of hers. Not only would it become one of her biggest selling albums but it won two Grammy’s including the coveted “Album of the Year Award” beating out Mariah Carey’s fabulous “Daydream” album. In 1996 my best friend and I would see her “Falling Into You” tour at the newly built Molson Center now the Bell Center, for a sold out show.

Celine Dion - Let's Talk About Love - Front

Many casual fans seem to only remember the next song and she is forever positively or negatively attached to it. Nothing was bigger than Titanic Movie and “My Heat Will Go On”. Her album “Let’s Talk About Love” sold over 31 million copies around the world going diamond status in Canada and selling over 10 million in the US. While she hasn’t surpassed these sales with her more recent outputs she still releases fabulous records and plays to sold out shows.

There’s one last thing that I need to say about Celine and the music industry. I’ve noticed over the years that sadly many huge megastars and certain musical genres, are easy targets for backlashes. The “Disco Sucks” era with the BeeGee’s, along with the infamous burning of disco albums at the Demolition Night at Comiskey Park in Chicago in 1979 is one prime example, Celine while not as severe, is another example. I get friends and family members going “ick” or “yuck”, “Why would you spend your money on her or go to her shows”. My boss calls her a freak. Speaking of work, we play music in the store, we are allowed to bring our own CD’s and playlist, but I am forbidden to play Celine. I once made a holiday mix on my Ipod, I just dumped all the Christmas songs together, when by accident one of her songs came on and I was given the dirtiest of looks and told to take it off. We’ve played the gamut at work from jazz, country, rock, Taylor Swift to even Led Zeppelin.

I’ve never understood this phenomenon. I can understand not liking certain music genres or songs, I do too, but why this type of angry distain? Isn’t there enough hate in this world? It seems to be more than just her music, but why? Celine doesn’t do anything crazy or horrible, she isn’t into drugs, or crazy partying, she hasn’t broken the law or been to jail, yet these clean cut artists are always ridiculed and considered less than their contemporaries. Some people don’t seem to like her personality but I think she is fabulous, always funny, down to earth in interviews although sometimes too truthful, she works hard to put on a great show, she doesn’t seem to be a diva (in the bad sense), and she seems to treat her company of workers very well. Yes her life story is very much public and always out here, but the recent passing of her beloved Rene and that hardship only makes her more human and relatable in my opinion.

I love Celine, I love her music and nobody can take that away from me. Because of life’s circumstances, The “Falling Into You” tour was the last time I saw her in concert, it’s been twenty years. This August we will meet again at the Bell Center in Montreal, a long time waiting.

Top Ten of 2015

I got lazy last year and never got around to writing a review for my top ten albums, maybe I just got tired writing detailed reviews for each album or maybe it wasn’t a very inspiring year for music. I thought it was time to post both my 2014’s and 2015’s top list. It seems fitting putting those two years together in one blog since a few of those albums from Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran crossed over and could be on either list.

Best Albums of 2015
duran-duran-paper-gods (1)1.“Paper Gods” Duran Duran: The boys are like a very fine wine, they only get better with age. This album is not as cohesive as their predecessor “All You Need Is Now”, but it is one hell of an album, from the opening anthem “Paper Gods” it is superbly recorded and produced. The album is much more modern sounding then anything they done in years, from the vinyl groove of “Pressure Off” produced by legend Nile Rodgers to the best cut “Last Night in the City” which makes you want to never leave the dancefloor. For those wanting the classic “Duran” sound “Face For Today” and the “Save A Prayer like”, “What Are The Chances” fit the bill. The album’s opus “You Killed Me With Silence” with its “Chauffeur” like atmosphere, and odd verses against the chorus is one of their best. One of my favorites “Sunset Garage” is the first time I’ve seen Duran channel the Motown sound and to suburb effect, I could have easily seen the Temptations covering this. “Butterfly Girl” is kind of an odd track but it’s heavily drum sounds give it a bit of “Power Stations” feel. Yes there are a few missteps like “Dancephobia” with Lindsey Lohan, and the album kind of loses steam at the end but it still a very fine wine.

rh (1)2.“Rebel Heart”—Madonna”: At 19 songs I find the album a bit long, but pruned down to about 12 tracks, it’s her best album since “Ray Of Light. From the singles “Living For Love” to “Ghosttown” which should have been huge hit, this album puts Madonna in ripe form. Best tracks include the autobiographical “Joan Of Arc”, Devil Pray” and the title song, this is the direction Madonna should take, the song “Rebel Heart” is her most heartfelt and endearing ever. “Body Shop” is a cute retro style “True Blue” song that only Madonna can pull off. I’m not a fan of tracks like “Bitch I’m Madonna” “Iconic”or “Holy Water” but then some would argue that those are more like “Madonna” the the rest.


MIKA_cover_album3.“No Place In Heaven”—Mika: Excellent album from one of the most underrated pop musicians. Best tracks include “Good Guys”,  the hilarious poppy “All She Wants” about a mother longing more for her son and the dancefloor track “Staring At The Sun”. The album has it’s tragic but beautiful storytelling with the Freddy Mercury inspired “Last Party” and the superb title track. If you haven’t checked out Mika please do so.“




one-direction-made-in-the-am4.Made In The AM”-One Direction: Manufactured or not they make good pop records, with every album they seem to grow up just a bit. Lead single “Drag Me Down” written by their songwriting team of Julian Bunetta and Jamie Scott is one of their finest singles. Unfortunately, they chose 2 of the worst tracks to follow up, “Perfect” and “Infinity” are OK but they don’t compare to what follows. “If I could Fly” or “History” could have easily replaced them. All members of the group seem to have their hand in co- writing most of the songs. They channel a retro Fleetwood Mac groove on the fab “What A Feeling” and just as lovely is “I Want To Write You A Song”. Two of my favorites, the totally different “Never Enough” and the Harry Style co-written beatle-esque “Olivia” could have put the group in another league above the typical boy band.


5. “X”–Ed—Sheeran: A funky rhythm and soul album that infuses rock, pop and rap. Ed knows no boundaries; he does everything to perfection from the emotional ballads of “The One”, “Photograph” and “Thinking Out Loud”, to his beautiful falsetto and craftsmanship as a musician.  I prefer Ed when he gets down with the tracks like “Sing” and “Don’t”, it’s hard to believe that a ginger white guy is this funky.





6.“L’orchestre Symphonique De Montréal”—Mika: Team up one of the most underrated pop stars with Montreal’s incredible Symphonic Orchestra and you get one of the most fabulous sounding albums. This project proves just how talented and what a great songwriter Mika is, even odd chosen tracks like francophone “Boum Boum Boum” are perfect.






7. “Unbreakable”—Janet Jackson: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis return to produce her best album in over two decades”. On the title track they turn Janet’s velvet vocals and sprinkle their magic slow jam groove that moves throughout the record. Janet uncannily channels her brother Michael on the fabulous “The Great Forever”. Favorite tracks include “2 B Loved”, “Shoulda Known Better” and the retro “Jacksons 5/Escapade” “Gon’ B Alright”.




Taylor_Swift_-_19898. “1989”–Taylor Swift: What can I say about this album that hasn’t been said. Like it or not it’s a pop juggernaut. From the solids hits “Blank Space”, “Shake It Off”, “Style” and “Wildest Dreams”, producer Max Martin and Swift made a blueprint to the perfect pop album and put the music industry back on it’s feet. The one misstep is the childish nursery rhyme “Bad Blood” whom without Swift’s name and billion buck video, in my opinion, would have never hit #1. My favorite is still “I Know Places” co-written with Ryan Tedder.




9. “Get Up”—Bryan Adams: Produced by ELO’s Jeff Lynn, Bryan puts out another fantastic album. Opener “You Belong To Me” is a rockabilly Traveling Wilburys type record, but the rest of the album is all Adams. The retro sounding rock anthems “Go Down Rockin’” and “That’s Rock And Roll” could have easily followed up “Reckless” back in 1985. “We Did It All” could be up there with some of his biggest hits as well as lead single “Brand New Day”. “Don’t Even Try”, feels like a long lost early Beatles record. In case you want to hear what the some of the song would sound like without Lynn’s production, Adams give you 4 acoustic tracks.



10.“All American Boy”-Steve Grand: One of the biggest Kickstarters campaigns, Steve Grand delivered a great album to his fans and backers. They dubbed him the “gay country singer” but I would place him more in the Bryan Adams area of music. The title track was one of my favorite songs a few years ago and he follows it up with superb tunes like “Stay”, “Say You Love Me”, and “Time”. A bit out of place on this album but my favorite, is the dance anthem “We Are The Night”, maybe he can one day do a full hi NRG album. Looking forward to hearing what Steve does next.



Best Singles of 2015

  1. “Marvin Gaye”–Charlie Puth and Meagan Trainor
  2. “Ghost”—Ella Henderson
  3. “Drag Me Down” One Direction
  4.  “Ghosttown”—Madonna
  5.  “One Call Away”–Charlie Puth
  6. “Living For Love”—Madonna
  7. “Last Night In The City”—Duran Duran featuring Kieza
  8. “Pressure Off” Duran Duran featuring Janelle Monae and Nile Rodgers
  9.  “More Then Silence” Culture Club
  10. “Sugar”—Maroon 5
  11. “Sing” Ed Sheeran
  12. “Uptown Funk”—Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

Top Albums of 2014









1. “50 St. Catherine’s Drive” Robin Gibb









2. “Sweet Talker”Jessie J.









3. “In The Lonely Hour” Sam Smith









4. “High Hopes” Bruce Springsteen









5. “Xscape” Michael Jackson









6. “Kiss Me Once” Kylie Minogue









7. “Songs Of Innocence” U2









8. “Never Been Better” Olly Murs









9. “Four” One Direction









10. “3” Take That

Top Singles of 2014

Alan Freeman Days–Robin Gibb
Love Never Felt So Good–Michael Jackson
Stay With Me—Sam Smith
Let It Go-Idina Menzel
Take Me To Church—Hozier
Masterpiece—Jessie J.
The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)—U2
Night Changes–One Direction
Up– Olly Murs & Demi Lovato
I’m Not The Only One—Sam Smith
Into The Blue-Kylie Minogue
Wrapped Up-Olly Murs

Heart Goes To Heaven

heart-jpg (1)Within minutes of the 8:00 starting time Nancy Wilson was already on stage banging out the chords of “Barracuda”, seconds later Ann Wilson arrived and just knocked the house down, it didn’t stop for another 12 songs. Ann’s voice is absolutely incredible, songs like “What About Love” and “Crazy On You” sounded even better than the record. On “What About Love” she did some inflections and emotional singing that the sterile studio produced record version doesn’t have. She never missed a beat, her voice never faltered, all power but not overdone, it’s all live no lip synch here.

Nancy always seems to be overshadowed but she must be one of the finest guitarists out there, male or female. On the last Heart song “Crazy On You” she was just stunning with her guitar intro but the best was the jump and kick she gave at the opening chords wow, you’d never believe she was in her 60’s. Nancy isn’t a slouch at singing, far from it; I love her lead vocal songs as much as Ann’s. Like a fan girl I rushed up to the front stage when she did my favorite “These Dreams”, I was singing and miming the lyrics, she looked down on me and smiled, that made my day. There was even 3 couples slow dancing up front. Her guitar playing on Paul McCartney “Let Me Roll” (while not my favorite McCartney song) was just as impressive.

Can we talk about “Alone” there no words to describe it you must hear Ann singing it live. On “Dreamboat Annie” she did a beautiful flute solo. She played a few other instruments including guitar and an autoharp on a new song called “Heaven”.

After the Heart set Ann told the audience there was a 20 minute intermission, not a Hollywood 20 minutes but a real 20 minutes, a Victoria 20 minutes, that didn’t stop people from coming back late, although the line up at the washrooms were crazy. Speaking of the audience, Victoria has one of the suckiest. Who sits at a rock concert especially with Heart and Led Zeppelin songs. You don’t want to stand during the song fine but at least stand up and give Ann and Nancy (who are in the 60’s rocking out like they are in their 20’s) a standing ovation after the song, seriously! They only stood up at the end for “Crazy On You”, while most on the floor stood up for the Zeppelin set, the other off the floor audience did not, not even during Kashmir.

Speaking of Zeppelin, The girls opened the second set playing acoustic guitars with “The Battle of Evermore” a song that perfectly fits their catalogue, and then they were joined by Jason Bonham on an incredible 7 song set, that didn’t seem like a tribute but an authentic take. Who needs Robert Plant when you got Ann Wilson (just kidding!) Wow. Her voice on “No Quarter” was stunning, they seemed to have had some sort of echo or reverb on her mic, it was hauntingly beautiful. “The Immigrant song” was sort of fun but “Kashmir” was incredible. The ending with “Stairway To Heaven”, backed by Seattle’s Total Experience Gospel Choir was a show stopper.

My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough “Heart”, I would have loved to have heard big songs like “Never” but they seem to be shying away from their 80’s repertoire. Let’s hope they keep on rocking so they can come back and play those songs.


  1. Barracuda
  2. Heartless
  3. What About Love
  4. Dreamboat Annie
  5. Straight On
  6. Little Queen
  7. Let Me Roll It (Wings cover)
  8. Heaven
  9. These Dreams
  10. Alone
  11. Mashallah
  12. Magic Man
  13. Crazy On You


Led Zeppelin songs with Jason Bonham on drums

  1. Battle of Evermore
  2. No Quarter
  3. The Ocean
  4. Immigrant Song
  5. Kashmir
  6. The Rain Song
  7. Stairway to Heaven

2013 The Year In Review

2013 was a year full of catchy pop dance oriented music and controversies. Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus brought us both, they danced and twerked with two of the biggest songs of the of the year. Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” spent 12 weeks at #1 and ended up at #2 on the year end HOT 100 chart, in the UK he had the best-selling singles of the year. The Billboard Hot 100 chart started factoring in YouTube streaming data ,on-demand audio streaming, and online radio streaming, this along with radio plays and digital sales turned songs like Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” and Baauer’s the “Harlem Shake” into huge hits. You could not go anywhere without hearing New Zealand’s young alternative artist Lorde and her hit “Royals” which spent 9 weeks at #1. The rap duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis kept going strong with their first LP “The Heist”, “Thrift Shop” not only topped the weekly charts but it topped the year end Billboard chart while their other #1 hit “Can’t Hold Us” ended up in the top 5. Their most important song “Same Love” might have stalled outside the top 10 at #11 but it’s message on equality and pro-gay marriage stance rang throughout the world. On the year end Billboard album chart, no surprise is Justin Timberlake’s “20/20 Experience” at #1 followed by Taylor Swift “Red” and One Direction’s “Take Me Home”. The UK boyband topped the charts again at the end of the year with their 3rd LP “Midnight Memories”, but enough about Billboard, what about my thoughts, there were so many releases at the end of the year, a few of them battled out for the last spot.

1. Random Access Memories–Daft Punk4e6c6fb2
I have to admit I’m not usually a fan of records that are vocal-lite, but there’s no doubt what album deserves the top spot this year. French EDM duo Daft Punk takes the best of their 90 dance oriented sound and infuses an old school production to create an absolutely timeless record. The album was recorded with real instruments, a full orchestra and choir which gives their sometimes robotic sound a warm feeling. They also hired some of the music industry’s biggest producers to work with them. Nile Rodgers (Chic, Diana Ross, Madonna) gives them the chart smash and best song of 2013 “Get Lucky” and “Lose Yourself To Dance”. Rodger’s signature guitar licks and melodies are unmistakable infectious and pulls you right in, both songs co-written and sung by Pharrell Williams just can’t get any better. The album’s other opus “Giorgio By Moroder” tells the story of the king of Eurodance and music maker of Donna Summer”, with no vocals aside from his little prologue story the song goes on into dancefloor bliss, mixing the sounds of the 70’s with, as Moroder expresses, the “sound of the future”. Many of the songs like “Within”, the relaxing “Motherboard” and “Beyond” take you on an atmospheric trip, the latter begins with a beautifully orchestrated segment and settles into a Daft Punk –esque groove. I could easily see their music as a score to a major film or story. “Instant Crush” featuring Julian Casablancas of the Strokes, and “Fragments of Time” featuring Todd Edwards both sound like lost forgotten 80’s synth records. Then there is the odd “Touch” sung by American composer singer/songwriter and actor Paul Williams known for writing for the Carpenters, Barbra Streisand, and the theme to the Love Boat TV show. The song is a slow groove, a 70’s acid trip mixed with “vocoder” style vocals, sandwiched between emotive vocal verses that sound like the Phantom Of the Opera rising. This isn’t a hard beat high BPM house album; all the sounds are filtered and sophisticated, robotic yet somehow organic at the same time.

pet-shop-boys-electroic2) Electric—Pet Shop Boys
After the sophisticated slow jam album “Elysium” released just a year ago the boys come back with their 12th studio album. Produced by Stuart Price, “Electric” is a high octane dance floor banger that piers half their ages could only wish for. From the opening “Axis” the albums 9 songs takes you on a fabulous journey. From the Soviet-esque catchy “Bolshy” to “Love Is A Bourgeois Construct”. The latter based on Michael Nyman’s classical piece “Chasing Sheep is Best Left to Shepherds” is magnificent, and fits right up there with some of their best songs, like “Go West” it a gay dance floor anthem and a broken heart song with tongue and cheek-y lyrics that only Neil can deliver “love is a bourgeois construct so I’ve given up the bourgeoisie”. It’s a blatant fallacy You won’t see me with a bunch of roses promising fidelity Love doesn’t mean a thing to me”. The albums centerpiece for me is “Thursday” featuring UK Rap artist Example whose vocals blend very smoothly with Neil. The song has a beautiful melody and all the 80’s bells and whistle of a signature Pet Shop Boys song, but one that could easily play on the radio today. Then there’s the odd cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Last To Die” but like their other covers (“Always On My Mind” or U2’s “Where The Street Have No Name”) they turn it into a new song with a four on the floor dancebeat, a fantastic backing chant and in my opinion a more effective vocal take by Tennant then by Springsteen. After listening to it, one wonders if they are talking about its original intent, the Iraq War or perhaps the Aids epidemic? “Fluorescent”, “Inside A Dream” and the final track “Vocal” could fill the clubs and keep the kids dancing all night long, but unlike most EDM music their songs soothe and groove with you, they have an organic natural feel. The only track I don’t like is “Shouting In The Evening” a bit too dudstep for me but maybe the kids will like it.

olly-murs-right-place-right-time-1348837177-custom-03) Right Place Right Time—Olly Murs
A UK X-Factor runner up, Olly has proven that a TV product can put out a credible album. Writing alongside some hefty pop songwriters, Wayne Hector, Claude Kelly and Steve Kipner, Olly hold his own. His 3rd studio release opens up with the fantastic orchestral gem “Army Of Two”. The Canadian release includes the hits “Heat Skips A Beat” and “Dance with Me Tonight” from his sophomore album, but even the original UK edition without them has lots of nuggets. The first single “Troublemaker” sound like a Maroon 5 copycat but who cares, the songs thumping drums and groove is infectious, I don’t usually like guest rap artists but Flo Rida only adds to the charm of the song without feeling like it was on add on. “Dear Darlin” “Hand on My Heart” and “Loud and Clear”, a beautiful uptempo ballad cements Murrs into a modern crooner à la Robbie Williams, and way better then Robin Thicke. Yeah a few of the latter tracks are filler but even “Hey You Beautiful” is fun. “What A Buzz” missing from the Canadian edition is worth seeking out, Only Olly can make a song about binge drinking with the lyrics “What A beautiful buzz about the girl I might love” cute. The fabulous title track could have been his X-Factor winning song but sometimes coming in second is better.

SBYStandard_Web4) Swings Both Ways—Robbie Williams
I’m not a fan of swing music that’s why this album took me by surprise. A big part of it has to do with Robbie reuniting with his long time music partner Guy Chambers, in my opinion his music hasn’t been the same since. Another saving grace is that the album is half covers and half originals like “Shine My Shoes” and the first Single “Go Gentle”, an ode to his daughter to beware of men, which is both cute and touching, the song is more big band/pop then swing, musically it reminds me of his old hits like “Feel. I’m not usually a fan of artists reinterpreting their old hits but “Swing Supreme” is just genius, I think I like this version better than the original “Love Supreme”. Robbie is joined by some of his friends including X-Factor and “Williams wannabe” Olly Murs on the appropriate I Wan’na Be Like You, Lilly Allen joins him on a acoustic cool rendition of “Dream A Little Dream”, Michael Bublé sizzles on “Soda Pop” but Kelly Clarkson eclipses them all on “Little Green Apples”, her voice is absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly restraint, I actually had to check the credits twice to make sure it was actually her. The album’s opus is the title track featuring Rufus Wainwright, which sounds like a long lost movie duet, à la Fred Astaire and Gina Rogers but gayer if that is possible. Robbie has never shied away from making fun of himself or the rumours of his sexuality with Rufus proclaiming: “Now Robbie, everybody swings both ways, from the butchest, the bandits, the fairest, the faggots and singers…Face it Robbie you’re a little bit gay”. “Snowblind” and “Minnie The Moocher” are the low points but even “Puttin’ On The Ritz which I’ve heard many times before makes you want to get up and dance. The Wizard Of Oz’s “If I Only Had A Brain” is cute and quaint. There’s something about Robbie’s personality that rubs off into his music and makes you wanting more.

Agnetha A5) A–Agnetha Fältskog
Not counting her 2004 cover album “My Colouring Book” this is the X-ABBA’s first album of original material since 1987’s “I Stand Alone”. Produced and co-written by Jörgen Elofsson (Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson) who crafted what could be the closest to a new ABBA album we probably will ever get. His best material did not go to Britney or Clarkson, so it’s no wonder that Agnetha fell in love with the demos and agreed to do a full album. There something special about Agnetha’s voice, sweet, clear and beautiful, she sounds the same even after all these years. She doesn’t scream a song to death like the modern divas but polishes and caresses her voice over the melody. “The One Who Loves You Now” and “When You Really Loved Someone” are pure Swedish pop magic, if sung by a 20 something singer they would be huge hits. “Perfume In The Breeze” is breathtaking while the ballad “Flower” is beautifully heartbreaking. Oddly the weakest song on the album is the Gary Barlow duet “I Should’ve Followed You Home”, it just seem more generic then the rest. “Past Forever” and many of the songs seem written for her or about her ABBA years and failed relationships. If you are looking for disco or dance look no further than the marching, thumping Voulez Vous-ish “Dance Your Pain Away”. “Back On The Radio” is a cute ode to her fans, while she may not be setting the charts on fire we can be happy that she is still singing. Jörgen did one thing that Benny and Bjorn couldn’t, he convinced her to write a song, the final track “I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed” shows that she was more than just a pretty voice and face.
6) Since I Saw You Last—Gary Barlow
Only his 3rd full solo album, Take That’s lead singer/songwriter works his magic skills. The album leads off with the fabulous piano driven “Requiem”, a Robbie Williams co-written Beatles-esque tune”. Lead single “Let Me Go”, and final track “More Than Life” are inspired by the popularity of folk/pop groups like Mumford & Sons but I’m happy that the rest of the album stays away from this sound. Keane’s keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley joins Gary on the rock stadium ballad “Jump”. The album’s centerpiece is the Elton John duet “Face To Face”, one of 3 songs co-written by John Shanks, Elton sounds fabulous on this piano driven uptempo number. “G_D” is a beautiful heartfelt look at modern society, religion and morals, “If you found God and he gave you hope / Would you tell the world or save your soul. If you found God, would you take him home / Would you open the curtains or keep them closed”. The cute melodic boyband track “Small Town Girls” will make heats flutter, his voice on this track proves why he was chosen as the lead singer of Take That. The excellent “6th Avenue” sounds like he is channeling the best of Billy Joel, too bad popular music is too EDM to accept this type of song. “We Like To Love” for me is the weakest track, a bit boring although it does sound a lot like an old Take That songs, I could hear Mark Owen singing this, the ending with just the piano and his falsetto is really pretty. The album gets back on track with “This House” and the title track, Gary sings “I’ve made my peace with what may happen / Accepted I won’t be in fashion”, in response to the criticism of being “settled in” or too middle of the road, but why should these songs be any less valuable then the latest hip hop, dubstep or rock metal invasion. If you want wretched emotions check out the touching “Dying Inside”. The Deluxe edition includes 3 extra songs, the first 2 are filler but the last one “The Song I’ll Never Write” is worth checking out.

The_Wanted_Word_of_Mouth7) Word Of Mouth—The Wanted
A cross between a boyband and the sound of Colplay The Wanted seem to always play second fiddle to the mega group One Direction. Word Of Mouth is their 3rd, 2nd or 1st album depending which country you are from. There are so many different versions from a 12 track regular edition to a 16 to 18 song deluxe editions that it’s hard to know which one to review. In North America the album includes the 2 years old smash “Glad You Come” while it omits the dance club hit “Chasing The Sun” which is on the UK CD. Let’s go with the newer songs. The album opens with the sing-a-long bar drinking anthem “We Own The Night” followed by “In The Middle” and “Out Of Reason” both are solid pop songs but they don’t compare to the next 3 tracks. “I Found You” released earlier this year is a thumping EDM dance track with one of the best falsetto of the year. The Dr Luke penned “Walks Like Rihanna” had mega-hit written all over it, why it didn’t happen is beyond me. “Show Me Love (America)” is absolutely lush with a beautiful string arrangement and orchestra. The next few tracks go into deeper dance club territory with the generic “Summer Alive” and even harder dubstep “Glow In The Dark”. Check out the last song on the regular edition “Everybody Knows”, it’s one of the most honest songs on the album. The boys have a spattering of co-writing credits throughout the album but I was surprised this wasn’t one of them. The song written by pop hit makers Steve Mac and Claude Kelly feels tailor made. The extra 6 tracks unfortunately don’t match up to the rest of the album. The album needs a bit more cohesiveness, but with so many pre-single releases and a two year plus recording time, it’s no wonder it feels thrown together.

130207-justin-timberlake-20-20-experience-album-art8) 20/20 Experience Part One—Justin Timberlake
Another slickly produced album by Timberlake and Timbaland. Unlike their previous effort this isn’t hard dance but a slow romping jam excursion with songs like the beautifully orchestrated “Pusher Love Girl”, and “Spaceship Coupe”, it then moves into Barry White territory on “Strawberry Bubble Gum. I love the jazz infused sophisticated pop songs like “Suit & Tie”, the horn sections are fabulous, but I could really do without Jay-Z, I don’t see what his rap adds to any song. The album is chalk full of hits from “Tunnel Love” to the Grammy nominated “Mirrors”. “Let The Groove Get In” is a nice change of pace, a Cuban inspired Gloria Estefan type of song. I realize his absence from the music scene prompted JT to release a “Part 2” album a few months later, but I wish he would have pruned it down to one album of best tracks including the amazing song on Part 2 “Take Back The Night” inspired by the 70’s groove of The BeeGees, it would have made one hell of an album.

celine-dion-loved-me-back-to-life-single-5109) Loved Me Back To Life—Celine Dion
After a few low key albums, Celine comes back with a vengeance. A change in her singing and approach is evident with the incredible “Water and A Flame”, her voice isn’t over powering like usual but subtle, warm and rich, it has texture that she hasn’t had before. “Somebody Loves Somebody” is the type of pop I’ve been waiting for her to make, modern current but not too far away from her roots. The Title track ventures slightly into dubstep but I find it a bit overproduced, not digging the stuttering “I-I-I-I-I’s”, I think it was a misfire to release it as the first single. The Ne-Yo written duet is absolutely fabulous, and he really holds up to Celine’s vocals, a feat which is not easy, the song is a huge hit in the making. “Beakaway” and “Didn’t Know Love” are beautiful and emotional ballad either could be singles. “Save Your Soul” keeps the album going strong with cool slice of R&B groove just as good as her contemporaries. “Thank you” is not single material but another good track, unfortunately this is where the album starts losing steam. I love Stevie Wonder’s song “Overjoyed” but I hate this production by “Tricky” Stewart and his team on this duet, they slow it down to a syrupy, drippy version that just clogs my ears. The album’s other cover Janis Ian’s “At Seventeen” is poignant when Celine explains why she covered it but it just doesn’t sound right. The Walter Afanasieff produced “Always Be Your Girl” and Diane Warren’s “Unfinished Songs” are good but they venture back into her safe repertoire.

cher-closer-to-the-truth-album-cover10) Closer To The Truth—Cher
I wasn’t enamored at first with this album but it has to do with the first 2 tracks and lead singles “Woman’s World”, and “Take It Like A Man”, both tracks are a bit dance generic, I love the sentiment on both but outside of the 2AM rave party they don’t offer much musically. The album doesn’t start cooking till the 3rd song “My Love” a beautiful melodic song that while is in dance mode I could easily see making a great ballad. “Dressed To Kill” “Red” and “Lovers Forever” continue the club oriented side of the album and a nod to her gay fans. What I like to call side 2, tracks 7-11 turn into a rock/pop oriented sound. The Pink penned “I Walk Alone” is one of the standout songs. It starts off with a country riff, turns into rock/pop on the verses and then goes slightly dance on the refrain, it sounds eclectic but it all works together beautifully. “Sirens” is the centerpiece on the album, a beautiful wind sweeping ballad. “Favorite Scars” sounds like it was tailor written for her, while “I Hope You Find It” originally sung by Miley Cyrus seems to have found a new home, way better in Cher’s repertoire. The album ends off with another great track “Lie To Me” written by Pink. There’s no doubt that Cher and her team had 2 ideas for this album, one for the dance clubs, the other more in style with her 80’s music. I’m fine with that, I just wish they would have opted for different singles.

My Top Singles of 2013

1. Get Lucky–Daft Punk
2. All-American Boy–Steve Grand
3. Same Love –Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert
4. Troublemaker–Olly Murs
5. Walks Like Rihanna –The Wanted
6. Take Back The Night –Justin Timberlake
7. Love is a Bourgeois Construct–Pet Shop Boys
8. Wrecking Ball –Miley Cyrus
9. Story Of My Life–One Direction
10. Show Me Love (America)–The Wanted
11. Face To Face–Gary Barlow and Elton John
12. King Of Everything—Boy George
13. Popular Song–Mika and Ariana Grande
14. Burn–Ellie Goulding
15. Thursday –Pet Shop Boys
16. Loud & Clear–Olly Murs
17. Gypsy–Lady Gaga
18. Army Of Two –Olly Murs
19. I Hope You Find It–Cher
20. Incredible (Duet With Ne-Yo)– Céline Dion
21. Dance Your Pain Away–Agnetha Fältskog
22. Mirrors Justin Timberlake
23. Go Gentle–Robbie Williams
24. In A World Like This–Backstreet Boys
25. Half of Me–Geri Halliwell

Pet Shop Boys Queen Elizabeth Theatre October 3rd 2013

imageTwo albums in less than a year, a world tour and the “boys” are still going strong. At 8:10 the show opened up with a shear curtain covering the theater stage, you could see Neil and Chris’ outline over flashing graphic images like out a video game with rushing tunnels transporting us to another dimension, all to the the sound of their new album opener and dance club banger “Axis”. The curtain stayed up for a mash up of “One More Chance” from their first LP with “A Face Like That” from the underrated “Elysium” project, their last for Parlophone records. The projection screen was well done but the crowd was happy when the curtain fell to the sounds of “Let’s Make Lots of Money…” from then on everybody stood up and never sat down.

The Boys have a large repertoire to choose from, this show could have easily been a greatest hits tour, while many hits were playedimage2 it’s obvious the Boys are doing it for the die hard fans, many cuts from the two new albums were played along with some lesser known hits like “Miracles”, “Rent”, the B-side “I Get Excited”, and their glorious dance version of Bernstein and Sondheim’s “Somewhere”. I have to admit a few of these songs seemed to go over the heads of the audience which to my surprise was a mixed bag of young/old straight and gay. While some might have been lost to the unknown tunes, the incredible laser show kept most of the audience mesmerized, one thing you are never bored at a Pet Shop Boys concert. They had two dancers which were OK but didn’t seem to always dance in unison. Tennant who almost had as many exotic wardrobe changes as Cher (a rubber jacket made out entirely of straws and a metal bulls head hat covering his face) seemed in great form although he sounded a bit hoarse at the beginning of the show, his voice sounded better on the newer tracks as oppose to songs like “West End Girls”. “I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing” preceded by the “Rite of Spring” was my favorite highlight but the winner of the night artistically was “Love Etc.” with both Neil and Chris strapped to vertical beds while images of moving bodies where projected below their heads.

1377462_10151598352726403_473145023_n (1)Neil who usually seems stiff in concert finally seemed to loosen up at the end with “It’s A Sin”, and then let the audience sing almost the entire version of “Domino Dancing” but he came right back with“ I think you might know this one” before going into the fan favorite cover of “Always on my Mind”, and the encore “Go West”. The show ended with the appropriate “Electric” LP album closer “Vocal” Neil sings: “I like the people, I like the song, this is my kind of music, they play it all night long, I like the singer, he’s lonely and strange, every track has a vocal…”

…how true.


1. Axis
2. One More Chance / A Face Like That
3. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)
4. Memory Of The Future
5. Fugitive
6. Integral
7. I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing
8. Suburbia
9. I’m Not Scared
10. Fluorescent
11. West End Girls
12. Somewhere
13. Leaving
14. Thursday
15. Love Etc.
16. I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
17. Rent
18. Miracles
19. It’s a Sin
20. Domino Dancing
21. Always on My Mind

22. Go West
23. Vocal

Pat Benatar Rocks Victoria

9c07aadb7a730777894a5eb20022cf84The show called for 7:30 and ten minutes in (which seemed needed to get people to their seats) she hit the stage playing for about an hour and a half. From the first licks of “All Fired Up” the show never stopped rocking. I have to admit I was a bit confused since they advertised the Victoria show as an acoustic one, but for once am I glad that was a false advertisement, acoustic can be cool but Benatar fans like to see her rock. In 1986 at the height of her career, my best bud and I got tickets for her “Seven The Hard Way” tour at the Montreal Forum. That’s why when she said this next song is from “Seven The Hard Way, I reverted to that 19 years old kid seeing Benatar for that first time, as “Sex As A Weapon” started I could not help but mimic the video with my hands in “The Supremes” stopping motion. I wanted to dance but nobody was getting up, Victoria audiences really suck, how can you be that subdued at a Benatar concert? By the time “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” came on a few of us got up and never sat down. My only complaint is that I found the setlist at 13 songs a bit short. Most concerts at this price usually have close to 20 songs. She sang her 4 top ten singles from “We Belong” to Love is a Battlefield but a few other hits like the fabulous “We Live For Love”, Fire and Ice, and “Shadows Of The Night” a favorite, was missing. Promises In The Dark was a definite highlight, I never really loved the song that much till that night. “Hell Is For Children” was poignant and incredible, she mentioned they sing that song at every show and will continue to do so until this horrible crime stops. Some of the deeper cuts like “Everybody Lay Down” was fab, but “So Sincere” and “Let’s Stay Together” could have been replaced with so many better options, anything from Tropico or Seven The Hard Way. What I wouldn’t give to hear “Run Between The Raindrops”. The finale which incorporated Jonny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire” with “Heartbreaker” was genius; maybe she should cover the song on a future album?


1. All Fired Up
2. Invincible
3. So Sincere
4. Sex As A Weapon
5. Promises in the Dark
6. We Belong
7. Hell Is for Children
8. You Better Run
9. Hit Me with Your Best Shot
10. Love Is a Battlefield
11. Everybody Lay Down
12. Let’s Stay Together
13. Heartbreaker / Ring of Fire / Heartbreaker

Sting Back To Bass Tour Victoria Save On Food Memorial Center

4fcf617ce92fe.preview-620Don’t be late to Sting’s Back To Bass Tour, the show called for 8:00 and at exactly 8:10 without any opening act or build up, he is on stage playing the first bars of “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”. Not sure if it’s the Save On Food Memorial venue, the incredible band or both but sound and acoustics were the best I’ve ever heard in a long time. “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”, sounded better the original recording. I could hear every sound and instrument clearly. His voice hasn’t aged; it was pristine, he held some long notes that only a few Idol divas can do that took me by surprised. He was definitely in top form rocking the stage like it was the 80’s, the band was superb check out the incredible violinist that does a few solos. “Englishman In New York” had an brief instrumental remix break that I just loved. Most songs sounded faithful, but I was a bit disappointed with “Wrapped Around Your Finger”, I’m, not a fan of slowing down songs, it sounded like a drugged down reggae version, however the light show during the song was really cool. “Roxanne” was slightly different but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, then in the middle of the song it took a strange jazzy turn only to go back into the original by the end, I can’t forget the blinded red light that shined throughout the song. My big complaint always goes to setlist. He did a big cross section of his career but there was too many album tracks that I didn’t find that interesting, I could have done without “I Hung My Head”, “Driven To Tears”, “Next To You”, “Heavy Cloud No Rain”, and “The Hounds Of Winter”, from his least successful album Mercury Falling, I know there is a fine line between just doing Greatest Hits and fan favorites but I felt he lost the crowd, are any of these liked that much? Why would he completely ignore his Grammy nominated hit making solo record “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles” he did not play one song from it, Does he hate “If You Love Somebody” that much? “All This Time” is cute but he could have done so many other singles instead. He did 2 encores, “Desert Rose” followed by “King Of Pain” and “Every Breath You Take” was just magical. The show ended with the mellow moment of “Fragile”, just a few minutes shy of 2 hours.

A review by the Times Colonist said he played “Walking On The Moon” but unless I was sleeping I do not remember him playing it.


1. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

2. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

3. Englishman In New York

4. All This Time

5. Demolition Man

6. I Hung My Head

7. Fields Of Gold

8. Driven To Tears

9. Heavy Cloud No Rain

10. Message In A Bottle

11. Shape Of My Heart

12. The Hounds Of Winter

13. Wrapped Around Your Finger

14. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

15. Roxanne

1st Encore

16. Desert Rose

17. King Of Pain

19. Every Breath You Take


20. Next To You

21. Fragile

2012 The Year In Review

I flip flopped back and forth with the #1 position any of my top 5 could have filled the bill but I believe that the Scissor Sisters and Mika produced superior products and interesting outputs. A few albums surprised me like Lionel Richie’s country “Tuskegee”, which become one of the top ten selling albums of the year in the USA, and Kylie Minogue’s “Abbey Road”, I did not think I would like either of them.

A few albums missed my top ten like Taylor Swift’s “Red” which had some great tracks but I found needed more pruning, The Wanted’s North American EP, and One Direction who had two albums chart at #1, “Take Me Home” could have made my list but I thought their first effort had better tracks. The most surprising is two of my favorite divas not making my list. The first is Madonna, I originally liked “MDNA” but it quickly wore off, she really needs to rethink her music for her next album. Then there’s Celine Dion who French album “Sans Attendre” just didn’t cut it for me despite the great single “Parler A Mon Père”.

The single charts were much more interesting than the albums charts, they were ruled by Riahnna, Marron 5, Fun, Gotye (who topped the Billboard Hot 100 songs of the year), Taylor Swift and Canadian Idol Carly Rae Jepsen (who didn’t cover “Call Me Maybe”), unfortunately I found her full length album really disappointing. There were great singles by the Scissor Sisters, Mika, One Direction and Ke$ha.

Top Ten Albums of 2012

music_scissor_sisters_magic_hour1) Magic Hour—Scissor Sisters

Their best effort since their debut album the “Sisters” keep delivering solid, exciting and fabulous music, from Jake’s plead to his lover on the sultry “Baby come home” to their Calvin Harris collaboration “Only The Horses” one of the best dancefloor tracks of the year, so much better than “We Found Love” which Harris gave to Rihanna. “Inevitable” produced by Pharrell Williams for the Neptunes is lush and gorgeous, Jake’s falsetto evokes memories of the BeeGees at their best, while “The Year Of Living Dangerously” feels like a James Bond theme, maybe they could replace Adele next time.

The album is a bit of a mixed bag “San Luis Obispo” is a typical Spanish/Island flavoured ditty but hey if Madonna could do it why can’t they? While never boring some of the tracks like “Keep Your Shoes On”, and “Shady Love” which I find mildly annoying especially Jake’s attempt at Hip Hop, are kind of hit and miss, but a “Sister” miss is still better than a chart hit by any other.

“Self Control” turns to the house beats of the 90’s, while the average “Best In Me” is kind of forgotten by the end of your listen. Luckily the last 2 songs get back on track with the beautifully haunting “The Secret Life of Letters” and “Somewhere” the Pet Shop Boys-esque dance jam that is pure bliss, this song should have been a single.

Then there’s “KIKI”, who would have thought that this would be the song everybody including Hollywood’s stars would be clamoring about. The little Ms Matronic jam, with nothing but pulsating drums over her complaints about having her “par-tee” closed down even took the TV show Glee by storm, yet despite all that the Sisters have yet to produce a hit single in the USA.

mika-the-origin-of-love-535x535 (1)2) The Origin Of Love—Mika

When you open a Mika album you never know what you are going to get, but melody and lots of fun are a given. This album his 3rd, feels a little more grown up and less sugary pop, but he hasn’t lost his sense of wonder, poetry or joy. Many collaborate with him including some of the industry’s best. Nick Littlemore from the Australia dance duo Pnau lends a hand for a many of the songs including the fabulous title track whose melody and lyrics “Love is a drug and you are my cigarette, love is addiction and you are my Nicorette”, “sticks in your head like glue, but once the breakdown/guitar verses kicks in, its bliss, this song has everything from pulsating drums, a double chorus “to the one I love…”, too bad it’s too unique for radio. “Lola” is a fun synth 70’s bass line romp but following it is my favorite track “Stardust” produced by Benni Benassi, a fantastical dance floor pulsating jam over Mika’s fab falsetto. “Make You Happy” whose video was filmed in Montreal, has a beautiful synth and string arrangements melded over an auto tuned muffled chorus which produces a really nice effect. “Underwater” is a stunning and haunting piano electro ballad, a song begging to be a big film score. “Kids” sound like an old familiar 70’s classic tune but updated to our time, while “I Love You When I’m Drunk” is a fun take on his love life. “Step with Me’ is a bit too formulaic for me but I give two thumbs up to the track “Popular Song” with Priscilla Renea, both authors give a big “middle finger” to their haters in high school with a cheeky silly synth song.

“Heroes” is a heartfelt and bittersweet song especially in this time of civil war around the world, “fighting someone else’s’ war” Mika’s sing “Your blood on me, my blood on you”, “Heroes aren’t meant to survive”. The moment doesn’t last long as Mika breaks up the sombre tone with Pharrell Williams for “Celebrate” a Madonna-esque dance floor anthem perfect to dust off the sadness.

Included is Emily the English version of his fabulous French song “Elle Me Dit”, whose friends tells him to stop wasting his life, get off his ass and do something with his life, write a song, make a million dollars, while he might not be making millions or having many hits, he and I are having lots of fun, eh Emily?

Pet-Shop-Boys-Elysium (1)3) Elysium—Pet Shop Boys

Nobody does smooth electronic dance music like the boys, from the opening track “Leaving”, you feel like you are covered in a warm and fuzzy blanket of beats. We aren’t talking about hit you over head like Guetta or Calvin Harris but soothing melodies. A departure and less “pop” then their previous effort “Yes” this album takes a few listens to get into. Unfortunately it starts off in my opinion with a few week tracks. “Invisible’ is a little too low key for me. The single “Winner” picks it up a bit and it only gets better from there.
I love how the boys they both don’t take their status too seriously, they get cheeky and make fun of themselves with the inspired story “Early Stuff” about a cabbie who chats them up on a ride “You’ve been around but you don’t look too rough, And I still quite like some of your early stuff” Neil sings “Those old videos look pretty funny What’s in it for you now, need the money?”They say that management never used to pay, honestly you were ripped off back in the day”. Then there’s “Ego Music” at first listen I found the song annoying, but I think that was the point, this song most likely about Kanye West and his rapper buddies “Ego music, it’s all about me” , sense of entitlement…” How ironic that the boys hired Andrew Dawson (Kanye’s album engineer) to produce the album.

“A Face Like That” and “Hold On” bring us back to the old PSB’s, I love the latter whose choir like atmosphere are matched along with the cheeky lyrics “Hold on hold on or the world will end today”. “Breathing Space” and “Give It A Go” are just middle ground but the album really shines with 2 songs buried at the end. “Memory Of the Future” is a Pet Shop Boys opus, Neil sing “It’s taking me all of my life to find you” his voice surrounded with swirling magical, melodic synthesizers, covering him in a warm blanket of pure bliss. “Requiem in Denim and Leopard skin” is like finding an old Pet Shop Boys gem that was lost in a vault, unfortunately the song sounds like a happy “goodbye” from the boys, let hope this is not the case.

Up-All-Night-up-all-night-one-direction-album-32378937-370-3854) Up All Night—One Direction

Only Simon Cowell can turn five unknown twinks, into the world’s biggest superstars. It might not last long but he knows how to get what he wants from the best in the business. From the brilliant debut single “What Makes You Beautiful” the album is filled with great slick and fun produced pop songs, almost any song could be single material. “One Thing” is just as good as it’s predecessor and the title track was screaming to be released “Katy Perry’s on a plane, she’s on a plane” they sing over a thumping beat as good as any of Perry’s hits. “More Than This” and “Taken” fill the slots for pretty ballad which don’t sound kiddy but grown up band. “Tell Me A lie” penned by Kelly Clarkson” is a rocking rolling dance gem along with the Beatles/Take That sounding “I Want”. Even the songs they co- write like “Everything About You” holds up to the other tracks. The album ends off with 2 of the best tracks “Save You Tonight” and “Stole My Heart” which is one the best dance songs of the year, I don’t understand why they released a 2nd album so quickly instead of releasing this as a single, a wasted opportunity.
5) Overexposed—Maroon 5

Inspired by their mega hit “Moves Like Jagger” the new album produced by hit maker Max Martin (Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson, and many others), venture the boys into a pop infused dubstep album, from the opening reggae influenced song “One More Night” which spent 9 weeks at #1 to their previous single “Payphone”, the album is jammed packed with winners. “Daylight”, “Lucky Strike” (with Ryan Tedder) and “Love Somebody” with its clever synth 80’s hook are future hits in the waiting. “The Man Who Never Lied” is a sly rocking thumping dance romp with Adam trying to convince himself it’s OK to not tell the truth. “Ladykiller” is olf Maroon 5 with a funky baseline, less production and more vocals, but “Fortune Teller” and “Tickets” goes right back into dubstep. Favorite track is the Shellback produced “Doing’ Dirt” which feels like a long lost 70’s disco gem crossed with the Sugababes “Red Dress”. Could Maroon 5 be the crowned kings of the dancefloor? Maybe so.

If you get the deluxe edition be sure to check out their fabulous jazzed up version of Prince’s “Kiss”.

lionelrichie_2012cdcvr_h6) Tuskegee—Lionel Richie

The idea of Lionel Richie doing a country album might confused the average music listener, but if you were more attentive you would see that his songs like “Stuck On You” and “Deep River Woman” are pure Country, not to mention the mega hit “Lady” which he penned for Kenny Rogers. For this project Lionel got some of country’s best singers and musicians to duet with him. When I first heard snippets of the album I was a bit disappointed but after hearing the full LP I love it. R&B staples like my favourite “You Are” with Blake Sheldon are just as good if not better, this guitar flavoured version only adds to the song without taking away any of the original magic. “My Love” with Kenny Chesney, “Sail On” with Tim Mcgraw and “Stuck On You” with Daruis Rucker are perfect. “Deep River Woman” with Little Big Town, in my opinion rivals the original sung with Alabama back in 1986 on his “Dancing On The Ceiling album”, the harmonies here are gorgeous, this song needed this production. A song that should have been a bigger hit “Just For You” is another stand out with Billy Currington. “Hello” with Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland, is an interesting mix but I’m not sure their vocals work well together while “Easy” with Willie Nelson sounds like it could have been written for him.

I only wish it was less of a Greatest Hits list, “Dancing On The Ceiling” and “All Night Long” do not translate into country, Lionel what were you thinking? Even Rascal Flatts couldn’t country-fi “Ceiling”. “All Night Long” gets saved by going more island flavoured then country with the help of Jimmy Buffet and some cool Hawaiian like steel drums. “Say You Say Me” with Jason Aldean is another oddity that doesn’t translate well. I read all about the lengths Lionel went through to get Shania Twain to record “Endless Love”, but I don’t think their vocals match well plus did we really need another version? I never liked the Mariah Carey Luther Vandross one, nothing compares to the original with Diana Ross. Speaking of vocals, despite the guest list nobody sounds as good as Lionel singing his own songs, his voice still sounds great, unlike Kenny Rogers who’s losing it, I would have preferred a solo version of “Lady” instead.
7) Good Morning To The Night—Elton John VS Pnau

What happens when you take a modern electronic Australian duo and give them Elton John’s early classic masters to play with? You get this little ingenuous piece of heaven. I’ve never like sampled music, but this album is a whole new ballgame. Elton actually hired the duo Pnau when he heard their previous recordings and fell in love with their music. These are not remixes but total reconstructions of his songs. I find that remixers have gotten quite lazy, Pnau have definitely set the bar high. Every song has a familiar feel but sounds shiny and new, Pnau have created a certain atmospheric charm, unlike modern remixes which seem to only hit you with bass and sound and no melody. Trying to figure out which parts of what song they used is also part of the fun, they didn’t used his most famous material, the title track, a UK dance hit, borrows from ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Mad Hatters’ and 7 other tracks. “Sad” feels like a long lost disco classic, it doesn’t sound like a remix but rather a sophisticated new song. “Black Ice Stare” feels like a lost reggae classic, while “Foreign Fields” is a fantastic take on Elton “High Flying Bird”, “Telegraph to the Afterlife” slows down to a Beatlesque acid trip and “Phoenix” take on Elton’s “Grey Seal” to new heights. Only 8 tracks long the album leaves you wanting more.

216916_10151345380080116_1564333419_n8) The Abbey Road Sessions—Kylie Minogue

I thought I was going to be disappointed, after all who needs a jazzy acoustic album of Kylie’s dancefloor classics? Kylie is not known for her vocal prowess, but this album definitely delivers. While some songs are misses, “On A Night Like This” just doesn’t have enough melody to work, and who needs “Slow” slower, really? Opening track like “All The Lovers” proves how good a song really is. “Better The Devil You Know’ is fab but we’ve heard this version in concert before same goes for “I Believe In You and “I Should Be So Lucky”. “Never Too Late” is absolutely fabulous, a forgotten gem that translates well, same goes for “Finer Feelings”, interesting how most Stock Aiken and Waterman tracks work well into many mediums and genres proving that a good melody counts. While I think that “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” should be banished to never be heard or recorded again, I actually love this version, the strings/violins are beautiful. Love At First Sight is cute. I was worried that we would get the snooze jazzy version of “Locomotion” but luckily we get a somewhat upbeat version. Having Nick Cage record his vocal for “Where The Wild Roses Grow” was a definite delight, but the true gem is the only new song “Flower” a fan favorite which up until now was only sung in concert, the sad song (as most fans speculate), about her longing to have a child, is emotional and poignant.

Too bad songs like “Spinning Around” which sounded fabulous when she sang it at the Proms concert was not included and “Wow” and “In My Arms” were only bonus tracks on certain editions. I would have preferred less of a hit package and more lost classics that suited the genre.

take-the-crown9) Take The Crown—Robbie Williams

After a return to Take That greatness Robbie delivers another solo album, he claims this is the album he wanted to do instead of “Reality Killed the Video Star” which I actually liked. While “Take The Crown” it’s no “Sing When You’re Winning”, or “Escapology”, it’s a valiant effort. “They said the magic was leaving…” he sings on the opening track, “Be A Boy”, he still has some magic with the #1 saccharine sweet cutesy UK hit “Candy”, and the synth 80’s inspired “Shit on the Radio” which reminds me of Queen’s “Radio Gaga”. “Gospel” sounds a bit like early Robbie rebel but it doesn’t come close to anything on his first 2 albums. “Different” the required power ballad is likable enough like “Feel” or Come Undone”. The next 2 tracks are probably my favorites, “All That I Want” is an 80’s funky electro sounding piece that could make a good single and “Hunting For You sound more authentic than anything else on the album, Robbie’s vocals and falsetto really shines. “Into The Silence” could be another power rock ballad but it tries too hard and sounds overproduced. “Hey Wow Yeah Yeah” is just filler in my opinion, I don’t get it. “Not Like The Others” is a bit of return to form, the music reminds me of good old Robbie but after 3 to 4 songs I’m getting tired of lyrics about his sex life.

The bonus track “Eight Letters” originally written and sung by Take That proves that Robbie should just stay with the group who are producing better pop songs and albums.

tumblr_marzpjqTmc1qjffalo1_128010) Ke$ha—Warrior

My guilty pleasure of the year. A Dr. Luke/Max Martin production I was actually expecting more, but it’s Ke$ha, trashy, brassy and fun. “Die Young” is the catchiest pop song of the year, “I hear your heartbeat, to the beat of your drums…”, Ke$ha definitely goes to the beat of her own drum and she sings, raps and vomits glitter all over the dancefloor. I almost wish she would give up the silly raps and autotune, the fabulous country pop track “Wonderland” proves that she can sing and write a great song, but unfortunately the other stuff has become her signature.

Highlights are the catchy guitar driven “Crazy Kids” (wishing she would of deleted the awful rap parts) , and the unusual garage/rock duet with Iggy Pop “Dirty Love”, who can’t like a song that name checks Rick Santorum and cockroaches and how they “do it”, no auto tune here. Her voice sounds great on “Thinking Of You”, a big “f*ck you” to her ex, is as good as any mad Taylor Swift song but much more fun. “Whenever You Are” could be another single with it brassy baseline and catchy chorus. So many tracks could be singles including “I Only Wanna Dance With You” a collaboration with The Strokes, “Supernatural” with it’s beautiful haunting verses and a brassy pounding chorus, and “All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)” a thumping 90’s Ace Of Base like track. The regular edition album ends of with a haunting Phil Collins like ballad “Love Into The Light”, another testament that she is more than just a silly pop singer.

Best Singles of 2012

1. Only The Horses—Scissor Sister
2. What Makes You Beautiful—One Direction
3. Glad You Came—The Wanted
4. Sad—Elton John VS Pnau
5. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together—Taylor Swift
6. Flower—Kylie Minogue
7. Parler A Mon Pere—Celine Dion
8. Call Me Maybe—Carly Rae Jepsen
9. Memory Of The Future–Pet Shop Boys
10. Origin Of Love—Mika
11. Little Things—One Direction
12. Troublemaker—Olly Murs
13. Celebrate-Mika
14. One Thing­­–One Direction
15. Die Young—Ke$ha
16. Let’s Have A Kiki–Scissor Sisters
17. Live While We’re Young-One Direction
18. Chasing The Sun—The Wanted
19. Baby Come Home-Scissor Sisters
20. Diamonds–riahnna

The Scissor Sisters rock Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom


Vancouver or “Vagina” as Jake calls it, (it’s his pet name for the city) had a magical hour and a half as the Scissor Sisters rocked, danced and poured their heart on stage, from the opening fab “Any Which Way” to the closing “Music is The Victim”, Jake and Anna gave it their all, by the middle of the show they were sweating buckets but looked like they were having the time of their life and so was the audience. Because of their style of disco glam and retro music we often forget what a great rock band they are, from Babbydaddy on the keys and bass to the Del Marquis who rocked his socks off with his guitar work on songs like Ms. Matronic’s “Kiss You Off”. They did a wonderful job of alternating with Jake and Ana taking turns on the vocals, I love how Jake joins the back up singers when Ana is on lead. Speaking of, those back up girls were fabulous, incredible voices that complemented but didn’t overtake the lead singers.

My only is complaint is that the music seemed to drown out Jake wonderful falsetto vocals, it often seemed too loud or distorted to the point where I could not hear the words they were singing, for example I could not make out Ana’s part on “Any Which Way” which is a shame, it’s hilarious, one of my favorite tracks “Invisible Light” did not sound good at all. I really wish they would play venues with better sound. For me it was OK since I know their songs but for my partner and most of the crowd it was their first time seeing the Sisters and some might not be as familiar.



I must admit I did not like “Let’s Have A Kiki” when I first heard the new album, but hearing it live was absolutely fabulous, the crowd went wild IMG_7470when it came on like it was one of their biggest hits, the whole vibe and choreography was superb. The few ballads like “Inevitable”, “Mary”, and “The Year Of Living Dangerously” gave the group time to breathe and nicely offset all the other high energy numbers Like “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’”, “Take Your Mama”, “Comfortably Numb”, and their hot new number “Only The Horses”.

The Sisters have a way of making you feel like you are at a private concert. They love to banter with the audience and they notice us, even describing outfits and pointing out members of the audience which they noticed throughout the evening. If you’ve never caught this band before find them on tour you won’t be disappointed.



1. Any Which Way
2. Keep Your Shoes On
3. Baby Come Home
4. The Skins
5. Kiss You Off
6. Inevitable
7. Take Your Mama
8. Year of Living Dangerously
9. Let’s Have a Kiki
10. Comfortably Numb
11. Invisible Light
12. Shady Love
13. Skin This Cat
14. Mary
15. I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
16. Only the Horses
17. Music Is the Victim