Natasha Bedingfield Concert Review Philadelphia TLA

nat1Natasha Bedingfield was welcomed back to South Street with a 21 song setlist of poetry, heart and class that delivered. There are no gimmicks, no dancers or fancy graphics on a screen, just Natasha and her incredible band. Her vocal ability is so underrated and hearing her in concert you’ll realize that she puts to shame any “Idol” or manufactured pop star of the day. I was never a fan of Prince’s “Purple Rain” but who would have thought that a little white British singer could tear the house down with that song, it’s one of two cover tracks she does on tour including the Police’s “Sending Out An SOS”. She rocked the house with “All I Need”, “A Little To Much” and “Run Run Run”, new tracks from her album “Strip Me”, but one of the best parts of the show was when her band steps down around her and they do an intimate acoustic set with “Angel”, “Soulmate”, and an audience request “Wild Horses”. My only criticism was the set list, I would have deleted old tracks like “I Bruise Easily” which put us to sleep, and new songs like “Try” and “Count Fall Down”, for better tracks like her album’s lead single “Touch” strangely missing and the fabulous “No Mozart”. The show ended with her new single “Weightless”, a great rendition of “Recover” a song that wasn’t a favorite of mine till now, and her signature hit “Unwritten”.

Set list

1. Neon Lights
2. Little Too Much
3. These Words
4. All I Need
5. SOS (The Police cover)
6. Single
7. I Bruise Easily
8. Strip Me
9. Run-Run-Run
10. Can’t Fall Down

Acoustic section
11. Angel
12. Soulmate
13. Wild Horses
14. Try
15. Purple Rain (Prince cover)
16. Pocketful of Sunshine/(We’re All Mad)
17. Love Like This
18. Put Your Arms Around Me
19. Weightless
20. Recover
21. Unwritten

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